The ONLY course that reveals EVERYTHING you need to know to get at least a 26 on the Speaking section.

I have combined my 7 years of experience in this program that has helped 50+ students get a 26.


  • Easy to follow basic and advanced strategies that will get you a score of 26 faster. No! we aren’t talking about “templates” that you see online.

  • Response suggestions for Q1- Q6 so that you can get inspired by my responses and include new words in your vocabulary.

  • Discussion on “why are you stuck at a 23-24?” You will know your relevant weaknesses and how to overcome those so that you don’t waste anymore time trying to figure it out yourself.

  • Note taking strategy (worth $49). This can be leveraged for your Listening section as well, so DOUBLE BONUS.

  • My original notes to some of the toughest Speaking section questions so that you can compare your notes to mine and see where the gap/problem is.

  • Practice exams with audio to help you practice as you move along the course. Practice is the key!

  • Questions you must prepare before the exam so that you aren’t surprised on the exam day. No one likes surprises, right? Unless they are good. 

  • Words and phrases you must use on the TOEFL exam to get a higher score.

  • How to conquer nervousness and sound confident.

  • Understand common pronunciation and grammar errors so that you can see if you are making these mistakes and then work on them. This will save you TONS of TIME and MONEY!

  • Common FAQ’s so that every question that you’ve ever had is answered.

✓  What will it feel like to log into your computer one morning and find a score of 26 on the Speaking section waiting for you?

✓ What will it feel like to spend your extra time with your friends and family?

✓ What will it feel like to work at your dream job and make those big $$$?

I am extremely happy today to send you this email. I cleared my TOEFL exam. This is my score : Reading 26 (22), Listening 27 (22), Speaking 26 (26) and writing 25 (24). Total 104. I have no words to express my thanks to you Ankita. Your classes were an eye opener for me. You have always been very useful and ready to help. Your strategies really work and specially, that with no templates.
— Sunny, A Pharmacist from India

I have done the TOEFL test several times and this is the first time I feel confident and ready to take it again. The strategies provided by Ankita are very effective because you won’t find them in any YouTube video and will give you a whole new approach that will make you to succeed.
— Anny, A Teacher from Colombia


Either you could watch EVERY video online, practice all sorts of templates, and spend hours and hours figuring out how to get a 26


You can get a course that is specifically made for people who want a 26 on the Speaking section and watch RESULTS-BASED videos that condense everything I’ve learned in my 7 years of TOEFL coaching and get the result faster.

(it’s MUCH cheaper than retaking the TOEFL)

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